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Most busy people struggling to find more time make the mistake of doing long hours and are close to burnout. But the reality is tha by putting boundaries in place for yourself is the start of getting back your precious time.

You deserve to make YOU a priority. Your time and energy is just as important as anyone else.

My Promise to you

I will share with you my Elemental framework with weekly calls and meditations that will help you create boundaries without feeling Fear or Guilt. I will walk you through all the steps allowing you to stay out of overwhelm as you work through the process. You will take back full control of your beliefs creating a healthy mindest. You will find all the self-love that you deserve. You will also take back control of your emotions by letting go of judgement. This will lead you to feel grounded in who you are leading to trusting yourself. This will lead to you Finding You.

What you maybe stuggling with

You put everyone first at the cost of your own desires and needs. You feel like there isn't enough time in the day to do everything that you have committed to do. And you have fear of saying NO, thinking that you will either lose friends or they won't like you anymore. When was the last time you put YOU first? When was the last time you pampered yourself just because.

Thats why the Elemental Framework allows you to put habits in place to best support your needs so you know what boundaries you need to start putting in place.

Think about it!

If you can't keep your word to yourself then others will see that and keep taking more of your precious time from you.

If you were to have a week in your life filmed right now, and then you watched it back. Would you realise how much time you devoted to others and how little time you spent on yourself? What if life didn't change from what it is right now? What would your life look like in a years time? Would you be a shadow of the person you use to be? Would you be stuck where you are right now? What would your confidence level be? What would your anxiety level be? YOU deserve to put your own Mental and Physical health first.

You would be helping them as much as you would be helping YOURSELF. Let them experience and life lessons that they need to learn by doing it for themselves. You be the one that asks for support and help. It's all about give and take. Relationships are not supposed to be one sided, for them to work and be healthy they need to be equal. Take joy from your relationships, especially the most important one, the one with yourself.

The truth about creating boundaries and how easy you can make implementing them

Not putting boundaries in place will lead you to burnout and feel like you are there for others, but no-one is there for you which leads you to feel like you are constantly being taken advantage of!

Most people think that they have boundaries well we do don't we. You believe that it is wrong to steal from others or that we hate liars. but these are society boundaries, not personal ones. The boudnaries that you set for yourself are the ones that YOU say are non negotiables. You can start of small to start with then build up once the habit of having boundaries are second nature. Because once you have boundaries in place you get to know who you are and not what others think you should be. You get to spend time doing the things that you WANT to do rather than what others want you to do. It does NOT have to be hard, you can make it as easy as you need it to be.

What your future can look like

By the end of the 6 week program you will have so much more confidence in who you are that you will not allow others to influence your thoughts and feelings, your heart or emotions. You will have the tools to know who you are, and create the life you dream of living. You will have control of your life to DO and BE exactly who you want to be, and have boundaries in place that support you.

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That inner knowing is your intuition, the part of you that remembers, sees and recognises all

Program Modules

Understanding Your Mind

Creating a healthy mindset is one of the most powerful gifts that you can give to yourself. But is the one thing that most people just accept as the way it is – This doesn’t need to be your truth.

Remove all limiting and negative beliefs that are not your own but belong to others is the first step to learning how to be more kind to yourself.

This allows you to NOT take on other people opinions of you which in turn increases your confidence, self-worth and leads to self-acceptance and Love.

Not giving this gift which you deserve only leads to depression and anxiety

Which is why this module it the first one that we start with as it is the most important as it creates a domino effect as you work through the program.

Connecting to Your Heart

Embodying self-love is where contentment and acceptance begins, as without it you are always looking for it from others. If you can’t love yourself unconditionally you will always struggle to find it from others.

Find the love that you deserve from yourself and not relying on finding it from others is such a powerful position to be in as you will never settle for less than you deserve.

Not loving yourself first and unconditionally only allows others to treat you unfairly and without compassion.

Not giving this gift of love to yourself can often lead to self-loathing and believing that you are not worthy of love.

Which is why this module it the second one that we continue with as it builds on the domino effect as you work through the program.

Embracing Your Emotions

Taking back control of your emotions, by removing judgement and find forgiveness for yourself is the first step in this module.

How many times have you allowed others to influence your actions, by saying or doing something that makes you angry or upset.

In this module I explain how you can put a stop to this which will lead to you empowering yourself to take back control of your emotions

Which is why this module it the third one that we continue with as it builds and re-enforces what you have accomplished in the previous two modules and keeps the momentum of the domino effect as you work through the program.

Grounding Yourself

When you find yourself spinning into anger or frustration it can cause you to take action or say something that you will eventually regret as you are often never thinking about the consequences in the moment.

Find that inner sense of knowing when you are grounded in who you are and what you stand for is not only the start of manifesting your desires but is it the foundation of staying grounding in life generally.

Not being grounded in that sense of knowing of who you are leads to feelings of being off balance and unsettled within yourself.

The forth module keeps the momentum of the domino effect.

Listening to Future You

Your intuition is that inner voice which guides you through life and can be your biggest champion if you learn to listen.

Ignoring this voice within you will only keep you stuck where you are now where nothing changes. And I know that is not what you truly want because you wouldn’t still be reading.

Connecting to the future you and learning to listen to your intuition to find trust and faith in your inner voice guides you make the decisions and take the action of the person that you desire to be.

This is the final module that puts all the power well and truly back into your hands, where it has always belonged.

Pre Work Week

Start the process off with the foundations of what you desire and who you truly wish to be

Bonus Rituals

Create the habits with these rituals to find balance and harmony within

Bonus Meditations

Be guided through the process with guided meditations to work on a subconscious level

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