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I’ll empower your strengths, replace your fears with trust, nourish your spirit and grow your determination.

Master Creating Boundaries. Learn to Honour your precious time!

I help busy over committed people make more time in their lives for what really matters using boundary setting so they can connect to their true identity. Unlike other mindset methods that only work on a surface level looking at external influences, I get you to release old stories that are no longer serving you so that you can step into your future you in faith rather than fear.

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90 day accelerated coaching program to help you Finally! have a proven way to create boundaries and honour your time without and fear and guilt.

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“Are you are an over committed busy person?

Then you already know that by putting others needs first by never saying ‘NO’ means you have no time for yourself and are heading towards burnout. Unfortunately most people pleasers live with fear or guilt leading to stress and anxiety when they want to put their needs first, which can be a costly mistake to your physical and mental health. But without creating boundaries and having a self-care routine in place you’ll lose more of your precious time and yourself”. That’s why I have created a 3 month coaching package.

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So...would you like coaching?


I started coaching my first clients way back in 2016. Then I developed a proven coaching method. From there, I developed a coaching framework that I have now taught to a small group of clients.

And the results my clients get are INCREDIBLE!

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So... if you are looking for a system you can follow with ease, and a coach you work with in an intimate setting, all you need to do is click the link below to BOOK a call to find out all the details and see if we're a right fit!

On this call, we'll identify your goals, the biggest hurdles in the way, and how we can work together to accomplish the results you want!

But please hurry, I only have 10 spots available, and when they are filled, I'll be closing down the discovery call link and getting to work with the amazing 10 people ready to do the work.  I will not be able to take on anymore for another 3 months.

Thank you and hope to work with you soon!

Cherry May 

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What my Clients are saying...

Amanda said:- "Cherry has a really lovely energy that makes you feel completely at ease from the start. She has a talent for being able to quickly identify the areas of focus, and offers beautifully simple, effective processes that truly help to shift perspectives. I got a lot out of my sessions and look forward to doing more with her. Thank you Cherry x"

What would that feel like if those were your results?

Over a 3, or 6 month journey together, I will help you uncover adn release your own conditioning by walking beside you as your guide on this stretch of your self-development path.

Together, we will

What you will accomplish in our time together

How you are supported

“A true friend knows your weaknesses but shows you your strengths; feels your fears but fortifies your faith; sees your anxieties but frees your spirit; recognises your disabilities but emphasise your possibilities ” 

William Arthur Ward 

Walk with me


It's time to take your power back and be in complete control of your life!

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