The energy held within crystals are amazing and learning how to use them can bring so much into youru life. In this indepth Ebook I hope that all your questions are answered. I have also given you a crystal a month to work with. 

With the advent of so-called ;New Age Consciousness' there has been an explosion to tools of the trade. Some of them have genuine power and all of them depend on the integrity of the one who uses them, As always, it is vital that you use your own nonsense-detector, your own intuition and test any information that is given to you against your own sense of truth.

Perhaps the most popular and widely used accoutrement of expanding awareness is the cyrstal. Why might this be? Every new age shop worthy of the title, displaus an catching array of stones ranging from entire crystal cavens to little gems for ears, nose and necks. Crystals for healing, crystals for protection, crystals for dowsing, crystal pyramids, crystal balls.


In here you will find how to use them and look after them as well as 1 crystal per month that you can work with.

Grab your Crystals Ebook!