The 12 archetypes feature so predominantly in the ancient mythologies of multiple cultures they cannot be passed off as inconsequential. It is not a coincidence that ancient cultures from all over the world placed an important significance on the number 12.

A logical conclusion for the consistent repetition of 12 archetypes, is that these energies are central to emotional healing and self-development. Today’s psychoanalysts also allude to this fact by classifying 12 “personality types” which they attribute to the 12 major archetypes.

Archetypes are essential catalysts for self-realisation. They are psychic energies that reflect human nature. When all 12 are fully integrated into your conscious mind, you are whole, centred and calm.

Subsequently, understanding the positive and negative attributes of the 12 major archetypes can help you identify and release suppressed content from the unconscious mind and reprogram your personal unconscious.

Carl Jung, the eminent psychologist was the first person to classify archetypes as a psychological tool. He postulated the archetypes were human qualities that were universal to all of humanity and separate from the personal unconscious. 

These four, that are in this Ebook are the 4 that are the catalyst to pretty much every Limiting, Negative Mindset problem that Humans find themselves in.

The Four Core Archetypes

We have four main archetypes that are within all of us. Here is a the beginners guide to understanding how they can affect us.

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