Chakra's Explained

Carl Jung stated that it would take Western culture 100 years to grasp the concept of the chakra system and the subtle anatomy of man. With the explosion of Estern practices ranging from acupuncture and t'aichi, to Buddhist meditation and yoga, we are on our way to achieving that goal well before time. We now have hi-tech equipment able to discern the auric field, the chakra system and the energy meridians used by acupuncturists. A pioneer in this field is an English biologist, Harry Oldfield, who invented electro-crystal therapy as a diagnostic tool and treatment methodology to rebalance the human energy field. 

The chakra system offers us a way of understanding the levels of our consciousness from the base, physical levels of survival and reproduction through to the finer vibrations of insight, intuition and illumination. It is a way of under-standing what thoughts and emotions are affecting our physical body and how that comes about. Understanding the functions of the chakras can help us respond to life with awareness, rather than being unconsciously re-active. Each chakra holds a key to help us understand what the soul's sojourn on earth may be about. As we investigate each chakra in depth, we can access the looped tapes in our systems, the programmes that seem to run our lives from some hidden place.

So, what is a chakra? The word itself is Sanskrit and means 'Wheel'. CHakras are more like spinning energy vortices that are funnel-shaped. The wider, spinning end interacts with our auric field, whilst the stem appears to be embedded in our spine with a nerve plexus and endocrine gland nearby. We need to understand our chakra system because it has a direct connection to our physical, emotional and spiritual well being.

Chakra's Explained

Within this Ebook I will explain what chakra's are and how they work.

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