Finding Me!

Here is my gift to you! A guide to Finding Your True Self!

Finding out who you truly are is one of the Biggest Gifts you can give to yourself.

It puts the power well and truly back into your hands and out of the hands of others.

This is a 5 day exercise so please don't rush through this. Give yourself the time and space you need to give you the time for your subconcsious to get on board with the changes that internally you desire to make and to Truly Find Out How YOU are!

There is a Form at the bottom of this page for you to get them emailed right directly to you!

We all lose touch with ourselves at some point in life - it's normal. Whether you're middle-aged and facing the reality that your kids are leaving for college; or you have young kids and are just realising that somewhere in the midst of being a parent, you've lost yourself; or if you're facing the breakup of a marriage; or you're leaving an abusive and oppressive marriage; or maybe you're living the life set out for you by someone else - your parents, perhaps.  

Whatever the reason, if you've ever looked into a mirror and thought, "Who is this person?" this mini course is for you.  

We will go on a healing journey together. On this journey, you will get to know a little bit more about who you are. We will use two main methods to make our way from the beginning to the end of this part of your journey, including: guided imagery meditations, question and answer reflections. 

Take your time making your way through this course. There are 6 modules and you could potentially finish this all in one day, but you won't get the same effect from it as you would if you give it some time. Try completing one section per week and letting things settle in your mind between those times.

Finding Me! Mini Course

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