Gaining / Taking Back Control from Anxiety

Here is a gift from Me to You! I hope you enjoy them!

Taking back control of your EMOTIONS and to move away from Anxiety and Self Judgement is such a powerful statement of Intent towards your self.

It puts the power well and truly back into your hands and out of the hands of others.

This is a 5 day exercise so please don't rush through this. Give yourself the time and space you need to give you the time for your subconcsious to get on board with the changes that internally you desire to make.

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Fear, Anxiety and Judgement of other, situations and mostly ourselves are so damaging not only within relationship with others but also with the relationship with ourselves.

We allow FEAR to control our thoughts and actions, that Fear then causes Anxiety which leads to Judgement. and the cycle then goes round and round again and again.

Breaking this cycle by understanding what these emotions are really about and where they come from will change your life and the way you think and interact with others and again Most Importantly how you interact with yourself.


Gaining /Taking Back Control from Anxiety

Working through Fear, Anxiety and Judgement to find the transformation into Acceptance and Joy.

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