"Beyond the Bubble Bath"

Your 5 Step Free Guide to Self-Care 101

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Self-Care 101

"Beyond the Bubble Bath"


Welcome to your free self-care routine guide! I'm excited that you've taken the first step to making self-care a priority in your life - that's often the hardest step of them all.

In this guide, you're going to learn:

  • What most people believe self-care is which is actually not allowing them to take care of themselves and could be keeping them from getting them the results they are looking for. 
  • Why you need self-care in your life - and what happens when you don't prioritise it… This alone is causing people more frustration, more headaches and less time for themselves.
  • What true, authentic self-care actually looks like “beyond the bubble baths”… and into the life changing, empowering, possibilities that await you.
  • How to find self-care activities that work for you and your lifestyle, making it easy to implement without the guilt.
  • How to create your own flexible self-care routine that works for your lifestyle without the overwhelm
  • Why you truly want the thing you say you want that will give you the focus and determination to make changes you only dream of.

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