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3rd Eye Chakra - Intutition

3rd eye chakra 3rd eye chkara chakra chakra healing intutition Apr 29, 2022
3rd Eye Chakra - Intuition


The third-eye chakra (Ajna) speaks to our ability to see the big picture and connect to intuition. Think of it as the eye of the soul: It registers information beyond the surface level. As we move up the body, we're getting closer to communion with the divine.  

6th Chakra Symbol: Two-petal Violet Lotus with a Triangle Within. 

Location: Forehead between the eyes in the centre of the brain, at a cross section found between the eyes and just above the ears. (also called the Brow Chakra). 

Associated Themes & Emotions: Intuition, imagination, and wisdom, perspective and an ability to analyse and perceive truth in the world. This chakra is also responsible for fearlessness, practicality, idealism and the need to seek out the truth. It represents the part of our consciousness concerned with self-image. It is affected by our ability to trust our own intuition when we make decisions. It also allows us to foresee and envision desired outcomes. Your eyes, lower head, temples and sinuses are related to this chakra. 

The colour is a deep purple and the associated organs are the pituitary gland, the nose, the ears and the pineal gland.  

Your third eye chakra’s connection to your physical body is through your brain and nervous system. When the third eye chakra is in balance, you will likely make principled decisions.

If the chakra is out of balance, then it can physically affect your body through your spine and cause dysfunction.  

It can also cause learning problems and a high amount of focus on fantasy related activities. 

The colour indigo/Purple will help you stabilise this chakra, and when you hear the musical note A, you will feel emotionally and physically steady.

The symbol associated with the third eye chakra is light. If you’ve always had good instincts and can suss out people before they even open their mouths, you have a balanced sixth chakra. 

Meaning & Function: intuition and mental connection. 

Sign of Imbalance or Blockage: a sense of your being bombarded by other people’s thoughts, or being overtaken by wild and irrational intuitions that have no basis in truth. Coercing mental ‘hooks’ from other people can lock in here and affect the way you think and envision the reality and people around you. 

Negative feeling: delusion.

Positive feeling: intuitive insight.

Typical conditions: migraines, mental disorders, eye problems, schizophrenia, cataracts, epilepsy, spinal and neurological disorders, sinus and ear infections, ‘irritations’ of all kinds, autism. Crystals that influence the Brow or Third Eye Chakra.

As the pituitary gland is the conductor of the endocrine orchestra, so the Brow (3rd Eye) chakra is the command centre of the chakra system. Here resides the managing director or overseer. It is the balance point between the left and right functions of the brain. From this point it is possible to ‘see’ in all directions. It looks out into the world, seeing what the soul needs to observe and it has an overview of the whole chakra system.

Note how many references have been made to functions associated with our physical eyes. This chakra is concerned with ‘seeing’ of a very different nature – insight, inner vision and intuition – how we really ‘see’ things. Often our insights are ignored because our gut reactions, based in the need of the personality, shout louder. From your intuition comes the purest truth. The gut reactions are based on previous experiences and may lead you down the wrong path or keep you on a treadmill.

When we live life purely at the level of personality /ego, we struggle with the issues of insecurity, lack of confidence, the need to be needed, feeling of being unloved, loss of control and other problems that are concerns the ego. To redress this balance, we need to realise that the vision of the soul is being ignored, and a compromise must be reached. The overseer needs to hear the work force run the company. The conductor of the orchestra knows that each instrument is important and necessary for proper harmony.

As we begin to realise that there is more to us than we thought there was, our consciousness expands. As this expands, we discover new ways of using our minds. The activation of this chakra increases our powers of visualisation, or seeing with the mind’s eye. This picture-making ability has the power to evoke not only the image itself, but also a whole range of emotions and feeling. These abilities are the domain of the right hemisphere of the brain, which is also responsible for symbolic representations of the world. For example, dreams often speak to us in symbols, bringing messages to our conscious mind about matters that need attention. We speak about being in our ‘right mind’. Scientist, doctors and psychiatrists now take the right mind seriously as a valuable tool in regaining the wholeness of the psyche.

As speech is to the Throat Chakra, image is to the Brow. (3rd Eye) Try this little experiment – the 3rd Eye chakra exercise – remembering there is not right or wrong way of doing anything – just allow it to happen – and whatever happens is fine, even if that is nothing..

Exercise for the Brow or 3rd Eye Chakra

Consider now how you feel about a situation that is concerning you? What do you feel you would like the outcome to be?

Now take your awareness to your Brow centre, just breathing into it, and imagining it opening like a flower…. a flower that is the colour of the indigo or purple.

Now from that place of inner awareness and transcendent vision, review that situation again. Notice the difference between your two views.

Write your experience in your journal. This will help to anchor it.

This is an affirmation for the Brow or Third Eye chakra:

I trust my insight. I am in tune with an infinite source of guidance.

Crystals that are associated with this Chakra are: Lapis Lazuli, Sodalite, Azurite.

Herbs that influence the Brow or Third Eye Chakra are: Angelica, Juniper, Rosemary

If you are ready to go a bit deeper into chakra work then here is the link to grab your meditation. There are obviously 7 to choose from or you can get all seven. the choice is yours. 

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