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What is coaching and how it can help

coaching May 20, 2022
What is coaching and how it can you

Coaching is a very personal experience, and depends entirely on what makes you seek out a coach in the first place. Coaches are here to support and guide you through whatever situation you find yourself needing that support and guidance in.

The coaching experience can be completely different depending on the type of coach you have. Each coach has their own style and methods. But coaching is a two way street, it’s a partnership between you and the coach, and can only really work with trust and honesty.

Finding the right coach for you should be based on a feeling, there messaging should speak to you on an emotional level. You should feel like they get you and understand you, this way you are more likely to open up fully to them.

Your coach should be a few steps ahead of you on the journey that you are ready to take in self-development and improved mental mindset. This is for two reasons, firstly they can still remember what it is like to be in your situation and secondly you can see with their help and guidance where you can end up after working with them.

Working with a coach is not a quick fix that happens after a few sessions. Don’t get me wrong, you will see improvements and have small wins, but these small wins need to accumulate into big wins. It can take anything between three to six months to truly get to the core issue. Coaches’ help you find the “blocks” that you have in place and assist and guide you in removing those blocks.

But even after you finish working with a coach it will become a lifelong process of continuing the work you did together.  

Coaching is not like working with a therapist. Coaching is about you taking back your own personal power, it’s about taking personal responsibility for your life and the experiences that you have had up until now.

Coaching is a form of development which gives support to the client (YOU) in achieving a specific personal or professional goal.

Coaching can help you with many things, such as relationships, (with your friends and family) and the relationship with yourself. Working through any blocks you may have which may result in self-doubt, self-acceptance, procrastination, limiting and negative beliefs and negative self-talk and lack of self-love to name but a few.

Each coach will have their own methods to working with you to achieve your goals, but whatever methods they use, it is important that you be open minded to the process. But it is not about YOU doing more to achieve your goals but also about removing habits that you have taken on and therefore doing less.

Your mind is the most powerful process that you have, and because it is extremely powerful it takes someone to guide you in making changes to your thoughts process.

Humans live in fear most of the time, whether you realise it or not, it is an inbuilt mechanism from ancient times, you may recognise it as a form of stress. And to the human body stress can be quite dangerous especially when it is over stimulated. It can supress your immune system, upset your digestive system, it can also re-wire the brain leaving you more vulnerable to anxiety and depression. Other conditions that are caused are:

  1. Pain of any kind
  2. Sleep problems
  3. Autoimmune diseases
  4. Digestive problems
  5. Skin conditions, such as eczema
  6. Heart disease
  7. Weight problems
  8. Reproductive issues
  9. Thinking and memory problems

Coaching will help you put rituals/habits in place to improve a lot of these conditions. They will help you work through your feelings and memories. Help you understand them and what purpose they have had in your life.

This is when the saying “Knowledge is power” comes from, the more knowledge that you possess on how the brain works and how you can use it to improve your life the more power you will have over your own destiny.

If you remember anything I want you to remember that you are not “BROKEN” you do not need to be “FIXED”. And any coach that tells you any different in my honest opinion isn’t a very good coach.

A coaches job is to help you gain clarity on a situation, and to help you, to guide you for you to find the solution that best suits the outcome that you desire to have.

If you would like to talk to me more and see if we are a good fit then I invite you to a 20 min coffee chat. And in case you are concerned that you will get a hard sell to work with me, then you would be wrong, that’s not my style. I only want to work with people you are a HELL YES not a maybe or feel pressured into it. If this interests you then click this link which will take you to my diary.

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