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Crystal Healing from Nature Part 1

crystal crystals healing nature May 13, 2022
Crystal Healing Nature


With the advent of so-called; New Age Consciousness' there has been an explosion to tools of the trade. Some of them have genuine power and all of them depend on the integrity of the one who uses them, As always, it is vital that you use your own nonsense-detector, your own intuition and test any information that is given to you against your own sense of truth.

Perhaps the most popular and widely used accoutrement of expanding awareness is the crystal. Why might this be? Every new age shop worthy of the title, displays an catching array of stones ranging from entire crystal caverns to little gems for ears, nose and necks. Crystals for healing, crystals for protection, crystals for dowsing, crystal pyramids, crystal balls.

Before crystals became a prerequisite for every new age traveller, they had already become an invaluable tool in technological advances. As technology makes visible what was previously only open to clairvoyants and shamans, the invisible becomes visible. Kirlian photography, auric photography and equipment able to detect the chakra system and the acupuncture meridians, have provided empirical evidence for those who need it. Will they be able to photograph the soul before too long? The growing knowledge regarding the use of crystals to transmute and transform electromagnetic energy has played an increasing important role in the evolution of these new technologies.

A ruby crystal, for example, was a key component in the first laser developed in the early 1960's. From the laser came quantum leaps in medical science as well as the birth of the hologram. The holographic model provides is with a new way of appreciating the multi-dimensional universe, referred to these days as the 'multiverse'. Since then the possibilities of crystals storing thousands of three-dimensional images is being researched. Silicon chips make the computer world go round. We have been provided with the tools to amplify our capacity for information access and storage that are radically and rapidly changing our world.

It is the ability of crystals to store, transmit, amplify and receive information that interests both scientists and the explorer of expanding consciousness. We might think that utilising crystals for communication, solar power, information storage and laser applications in industry and medicine is new to our planet, but for the truth, we should cast our minds back to the legends of the ancient civilisation known as Atlantis.

There are many stories told about the Atlantean civilisation, and endless debates about whether or not it actually existed. Immortalised by the Greek philosopher Plato (c427-347BC), there is now a growing body of evidence to support the belief that such civilisation did indeed exist. Some believe that the Atlanteans combined a high level of technological expertise with an understanding of spiritual laws. It appears, however, that they lost their way and that their technologies, coupled with a sense of self-importance, led them to experiment with genetic engineering and to abuse their knowledge to the life force. It is alleged that a cataclysmic end wiped out all record of this powerful, highly intelligent and advanced civilisation.

Or did it? It is said that the survivors of the devastation spread and settled in Peru, Egypt, Mexico and Central, South and North America, which would explain why these cultures share a common iconography and also a common history of flood and Atlantean legends. It is also said that before the inundation that wiped out this highly sophisticated culture, there were those who realised what was about to happen. They were known as the followers of the Law of One. These were the good guys. The believed in the unity of all life which related to a single all-encompassing creator.

They were spiritually motivated and sought to uplift the spiritual and physical conditions of those around them. There was another group whose approach to life was entirely different. Apparently known as the Sons of Belial, they were materialistic and self-oriented, and were more concerned with the sensual pleasures of life and power. They misused the technologies discovered by the followers of the Law of One, appropriating them for their own destructive and materialistic purposes.

It has been said that by the year 10,700 BC, the Son of Belial had made large inroads into the authority and power of the followers of the Law of One. They created conflict as to who would be the ruling class and have the resultant special privileges. Then, using Atlantean knowledge of the application of the life force in genetic engineering, they created a mutant race of physically strong but unintelligent workers.

The Atlanteans discovered how to tap into the energetic properties of crystals. They utilised crystals as we use electricity. They also discovered the tremendous power inherent in sunlight, utilising crystals to amplify and direct solar energy that enabled them to power their transport and communication systems. These huge crystals, known as the 'sun crystals' were then taken by the Sons of Beial and used for coercion, torture and punishment. In the time that followers of the Law of One, through their naturally clairvoyant and intuitive powers, realised that the end of their civilisation was imminent.

They knew that the misuse of these powerful crystals would eventually have profound effects on the environment, so they prepared for disaster by organising three major migratory routes to leave Atlantis. Groups of individuals would go to Egypt, to Peru in South America and the Yucatan Peninsula. These groups would take with them crystals containing records of aspects of their lives and technology, which could be preserved for humanity's future.

These survivors would also take with them the traditions and beliefs of the Law of One. It was predicted by America's 'sleeping prophet', Edgar Cayce, that a Hall of Records would be discovered under the Great Sphinx in Egypt, and that the information in this underground library would be stored in crystals. He said that when this information was revealed, our history would have to be re-written. Perhaps there is a link here to the legendary Egyptian god Thoth, who introduced the written word to humankind. It is said that he left information concerning the real truth of our origins encoded in 12 emerald tablets.

(The Law of One is the comprehension that all things are made of intelligent energy and are a part of the All-One. The Law of One is a Sacred Science of the mechanics of Source Consciousness and are the Natural Laws governing our Universal Creation. All-One is the recognition that Eternal Truth is Eternal Love and Eternal Love is the organic consciousness of Infinite Creator).

But back to Atlantis and crystals for a moment. The legends suggest that Atlantis flourished from a period dating from at least 150,000 until approximately 10,000 BC, when a flood of biblical proportions overwhelmed it. The technology the Atlanteans developed was based on higher dimensional energies and the life force and involved the energetic applications of crystals, most specifically quartz crystal. Quartz is the most structured of all crystal, with a very exact rate of vibration. When electrically stimulated, the regular and precise oscillation of quartz crystal from a reference by which we can measure and display bits of time.

There is a myriad array of crystals, so how do you know which crystal does what? As far as choosing a crystal is concerned, very often there is no choice, since the crystal chooses you! "I just had to buy that beautiful piece of amethyst", or "I couldn't resist that rose quartz - it seemed to speak to me". One of the reasons for this may be the fact that crystals, because to their construction, have the ability to bring about balance in our subtle anatomies.

When there is balance in our auric field and chakra system this results in a body that does not need to express dis-ease. There are also various quartz-like structures in our physical bodies - cell salts, fatty tissue, lymph, red and white cells, and the pineal gland. These crystalline structures are a complete system in the body but not yet properly isolated and understood by modern medicine. When we are 'drawn' to a particular crystal, it may be that the crystalline structures in our bodies require to come into sympathetic resonance with that crystal in order to restore balance.

Different crystals should be used for different purposes and in order for you to harness their energetic support, it is important to pay attention to their health and welfare. Crystals have a consciousness, but they do not have a conscience. They may be used to transmit, receive and amplify specific energy. The quality of that may be used for positive or negative results. Crystals are neutral in themselves, but they can be charged with whatever energy we put into them. This energy can then be transmitted into the atmosphere, or another person's aura, thoughts or energy body.

Crystal may be used for many different things. You may feel drawn to wearing a crystal round your neck to help keep you in balance. You may like to hold a particular crystal for healing, or you may like to place crystals round your house because of their beauty and because they give off negative ions, which create a sense of well-being.

The colour of the stone or crystal you are drawn to is significant, as it may relate to that frequency within your aura and chakra system that requires some support. In fact the colour relating to the chakra in question may not be the same as the colour of the stone. It is the frequency that is important.

If you have never thought about owning a crystal before, go to a shop that sells them and see how you feel as you observe the different shapes, colours and textures. Are you drawn to the smooth softness of a piece of pink rose quartz? Does the clarity of a clear quartz cluster wink at you from the shelf? Or is it the bright protective colour of turquoise that catches your eye? Whether you own one or many, these beauties are gifts from the mineral kingdom, which can become friends as well as useful tools.

It is important to care for these gifts it they are to give you their wholehearted support. A crystal covered in dust and tucked away in a corner will not support you as a power tool.

Since they store information, the first thing to so when you acquire a crystal is to cleanse it of any information it may already be programmed with, unless you know what this is and want to kepp it there. As in the case of someone being given a crystal that was personal to the giver, so that when held you could tune into their energy.

You need to look after your crystals if you want them to work for you. Making sure they are clean and sparkling is important. The simplest way to cleanse a crystal is hold it under clear running water. (But check first as there are a few that will dissolve under water, these crystals can be cleansed using the energy of the sun or full moon - these are the crystals that should not be put under water).

Selenite, Lepidolite, Azurite, Malachite, Calcite, Angelite, Halite (Rock Salt), Celestite, Fluorite, Rhodocrosite and Ammolite.

Since energy follows the flow of water, hold it with the point (called a termination) downwards for fifteen to sixty seconds, or longer if you intuitively feel this is needed. Clear quartz crystals absorb a lot of energy, and if you feel that your crystal is especially clogged up, or has been doing a lot of work, put it in salt water for one to three days. If you do not live near sea, dissolve one tablespoon of sea salt in a quart of warm water. Once you have cleansed the crystal of negativity or previous programmes, use the power of you mind to install whatever information you wish it to hold. If you are going to use a crystal for healing perhaps all you need to do is hold it and open yourself up to the feeling of love. Fill the crystal you want to use for meditation with the vibration of peace and stillness. Perhaps there is a piece of music that has a quality you enjoy - the crystal will absorb and the store the essence of the music. To re-charge the energy of your crystal, put them outside in the sun for a few minutes only - or even better let them absorb some moon light. Remember crystals are not omnipotent. They are only there as willing tools in the process of transformation to higher levels of consciousness - natural gifts to be used for service.

Dr Richard Gerber, in his book Vibrational Medicine says:

"There are so many variations in the use of gems and crystals for healing and working with the subtle energies of consciousness. We seem to be undergoing a rebirth in both interest and application of crystals to manipulate electronic and subtle energies. Could this be due to a cyclic rebirth of the Atlanteans who first brought about the development of sophisticated crystalline technologies? The application of crystalline systems for healing and industry carries tremendous potential benefits s well as inherent dangers....

The gifts of the mineral kingdom from within the Earth hold undreamed of benefits for healing and uplifting the consciousness of humankind, if only these gifts can be used correctly. It will be the challenge of spiritually oriented scientists and healer/physicians of the future to conduct research on the use of crystalline energies in an intuitive and responsible manner to develop these potentials. If we can only learn to tap into the wisdom of the Higher Self inherent in all people, we will move toward that new position of peaceful coexistence and spiritual light which the Atlanteans hoped might again grace the face of their planet."

The natural kingdoms of the earth support the soul on its journey through physical reality.


  • Each crystal has its own particular purpose. Read a book to learn more about which ones do want. - I have given you 1 crystal for each month but there are others.
  • Crystals should be cleansed and reprogrammed regularly to give you their full benefits.
  • Crystals are powerhouses - treat them with the respect they deserve.
  • Don't sleep with too many of them in your bedroom.

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