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Spiritual Life Coaching

coaching spiritual spiritual life coaching spirituality Jun 17, 2022
Spiritual Life Coaching


Spiritual Life Coaching works as a partnership between You and Your Coach.  The process may vary from coach to coach but they all have an underlining method, using the energies from Spirit and the Universe to guide and support you on your self-development journey.

As the client we work together to discover what areas in your life you desire to work on and improve. This is the starting point for any coaching relationship but from there things are a little different when it comes to spiritual coaching.

Many people assume that spirituality is linked to religion, but in reality its intention is simply to help you identify your higher purpose using the energies of the universe and within yourself in life and remove blocks that are hindering you from fulfilling that higher purpose.

In recent years, people from all walks of life have found that spiritual coaching can help them in both personal and professional areas of their life, and more and more people are turning to spirituality to help them realise their goals, dreams and desires.

But as a perceived relatively new concept, there is still some confusion about what spiritual life coaching can help with, and how coaches go about inspiring their clients to empower themselves.


A coach is a person who guides you to get where you want to go. 

A spiritual life coach guides you through confusion and gain insight into yourself by recognising deeply rooted limiting and negative beliefs, and focusing on personal growth, to help you to identify and achieve your higher life’s purpose.

When confusion dissolves, clarity appears, so the initial reason for working with a coach is simple: to gain understand.

If you look at your life and don’t like what you see, you’ll naturally seek to change it.

In the process of changing, it’s easy to become consumed in over-thinking, false assumptions, old ways of looking at things and falling into old belief patterns.

A good coach helps you gain clarity with your thoughts, gain deeper insights, and create actions to achieve a desired outcome.


To put it simply, a spiritual coach helps you set goals, create boundaries and guided you to follow our Life’s Path by honouring your word to yourself.

To achieve this, spiritual life coaches have a number of techniques and exercises they use to help their clients as I stated above, now I will go into what they are.


A spiritual coach helps guide you to creating and staying accountable to a life plan.

It’s no small endeavour to investigate your mind—to sort out the conscious the unconscious and subconscious paradigms and views by which you currently live by—so that you can purposefully arrange your life in alignment and authenticity with only those spiritual principles and values for which you have decided to exist by.

A spiritual coach understands the importance of this process for the creation of a meaningful human life. To be CLEAR and SPECIFIC about the principles and values by which you live makes it possible for you to realise a life plan while embracing your power to live it.


There are many ways for a coach to hold their clients accountable, but the power always lays with YOU the client.

Sometimes it’s hard to get started with spiritual, creative work because even though such endeavours often yield long-term prosperity, they appear, in the short term, to have no return on investment.

This, of course, is not the case, because creative projects often succeed, sustained as they are by passion and determination.

A spiritual coach guides you through the initial phases of spiritual reflection and creativity as you work your way to freedom and success, two important aims of spiritual and creative work that go hand in hand.


A coach leads you to insight with active listening and by the quality of the questions that are asked. Also, your coach will recognise and celebrate constructive elements that openly exist in your life, but that many times you may have not recognised. 

A coach’s ability to highlight your virtues and gifts is a powerful vehicle for transformation, allowing you to see the treasures that you already have, even though you didn’t know they existed.


The spiritual life coach challenges a client’s thinking and can help you reframe your understanding of yourself and situations. They will hold up a mirror to help you see more clearly those challenges and the lessons that reside within them.

A coach can help you drop limiting and negative beliefs and help you take off the blinders that prevent you from seeing possibilities or taking personal responsibility for your actions. Or help bring you to a more grounded, achievable sense of simplicity, focus, and realistic activity.


Depending on the coach’s own background, they can help to deepen your insight or broaden your spiritual horizons and what might be possible for you to achieve in your life. 


There are many ways a spiritual life coach can help a person and each will have their own frameworks or methods. 

By focusing on positive, creative, action, a coach helps a client to naturally reconnect with what’s important to you in life. Working with a spiritual coach can help you reconnect to your intuition, restore trust and confidence in your intelligence, expose blind spots, and take powerful action. 

Here are some ways they may do this:

Connecting with your True self

Finding your true self can involve an exhaustive interview process where the coach works with their client through a historical accounting of their major life events. 

When clients find their words, the words become a powerful tool for cutting through life’s clutter. 


Journaling allows for a level of introspection and reflection you can’t attain in conventional working life and leads to insight and healing. 

In addition, it provides a kind of mental hygiene, helping you to improve your mood by prioritising and taking control of your fears, problems and concerns by getting it all out of your head and onto paper.


A spiritually untrained mind defaults to negativity. 

This is why music is played in hotels and department stores – to keep your mind occupied and to make you less likely to think bad thoughts about the environment. 

Though being hard-wired for negativity helps you survive, such programming gets in the way when you want to stay productive, reach a positive ‘unimaginable’ goal, rest, or savour life. 

A spiritual life coach may give you positive psychology exercises like writing 3 things that you are grateful for at the start of your day and at the end of your day to help keep you optimistic, creative, and prolific.

Or you can create your own uplifting playlist that you can use when you feel the darkness creeping in.


A Spiritual Life coach may use contemplative practices, like meditation to help you connect with focused, healing energy.

Meditation can also be prescribed for a specific purpose around a desired outcome.


A spiritual life coach can help clients focus on any personal or human issue in such a way that your issue deepens into you with both universal and individual purpose. In this way, you generate a meaningful life.

 A spiritual coach can help with a number of things, including:

  • Identifying and realising your goals and desires
  • Finding direction and purpose in life
  • Envisioning how you see yourself living in five years
  • Performing at your highest potential and finding your best self
  • Identify core values and principles
  • Answering the question “Who am I?”
  • Discover what you want to be remembered for
  • Find your passion project and how you want to use your precious life
  • Putting boundaries in place


There’s still a lot of confusion about the difference between Spiritual Life Coaches and Therapists, and whether or not they work with clients to achieve the same thing.

Therapists generally focus on the past and fixing something that’s broken, but a life coach is more focused on the future and creating and taking action. 

spiritual life coach helps you to consider what you want your life to look like when it’s based on spiritual values and fulfilment, helping you take action to make creative changes to the way you live.


Although coaching is a relatively new profession in the western world, the concept of coaching has been around for centuries.

Working with a spiritual life coach can be useful to overcome a number of issues life throws at you, from feeling dissatisfied in your career, to suffering from feelings of insecurity and self-doubt, or wondering what your life’s purpose is.

If you feel like something is missing from your life, but aren’t quite able to put your finger on the cause, it could be worth finding a spiritual life coach you can work with to see whether or not you could benefit from being more spiritual.


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